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The Global Gambit

Pyotr S. Kurzin

The Global Gambit (TGG) is the preeminent independent social podcast on geopolitics, foreign policy, macroeconomics and current affairs, involving live, interactive audience participation. Each month, TGG brings you top-tier interviews or panels consisting of policymakers, journalists, or academics covering every region and theme in international relations. Previous guests include experts from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Atlantic Council (AC), Crisis Group (ICG), and Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Support TGG by subscribing as a patron at and receive unique perks insights AND be featured in future episodes. Follow & engage with us on Facebook or Twitter at The Global Gambit. Download Clubhouse to participate in future events.TGG is hosted by Pyotr Kurzin, a geopolitical & UN professional, with an MA from Johns Hopkins University, and whose English-Russian origins make him a product of the Cold War and broader geopolitical events. Patreon: Email: Twitter: Facebook: